Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The truth about Grapefruit and Diets

  If you have problems with your weight and you have tried many different diets, you probably know that grapefruit is one of the recommended fruits to eat to lose weight. Perhaps you have seen one of the many diets based on grapefruit, where the citrus is eaten with every meal. Therefore, there have been many studies over the past 10 years, in order to reveal the truth about whether grapefruit really helps to lose weight.

  The prevailing opinion in the world is that grapefruit helps to speed up metabolism and thus helps in diets. However, studies have shown that grapefruit affects weight loss in a completely different way. In fact, grapefruit lowers insulin in the body. What does that mean?

  Low levels of insulin prevent the body to store sugar as fat. It also helps to maintain normal appetite, because high levels of insulin makes you feel hungry more than necessary. Grapefruit has a high percentage of dietary fiber and is low in calories. In fact, its energy value is negative, because it contains fewer calories than the body needs to digested, which means that the body will wear out more calories to grapefruit digestion than the number of consumed calories when we eat grapefruit. Besides all this, grapefruit contains high levels of vitamin C, which improves the overall health.

  The best way to enjoy this useful and healthy fruit is simply to eat it fresh. Next best way is to drain the juice, and make sure to include a good amount of pulp in the juice or make it thicker, do not drain it. This is important because the fiber is exactly in this part (pulp) of the grapefruit. If you intend to freeze it for any purpose, grapefruit will lose all nutritional and dietary characteristics, so it is not a good option.

  Although grapefruit is very healthy and good for you, it is advisable to follow dietary plans that are based on this fruit. Most of these diets allow small selection of food which adds grapefruit, and thus can slow metabolism and impair your health. So eat grapefruit in addition to a balanced and low-calorie diet combined with physical activity. In this way you will take maximum advantage of all the benefits that grapefruit has. Remember, the good things in life are simple - use them!

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