Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benefits of Green Tea

  Green tea has long been used around the world because of its significant medicinal properties. Recently, modern science has proven that there are potentials in green tea as an antioxidant to fight cancer and other diseases, improves the immune system, better skin and improves mental function and focus. Also, research has found some other properties of green tea, which will particularly interest you if you've had it with those few extra pounds you can’t shake off.

  1. Green tea improves endurance and helps in exercising. No matter on what diet you are, it is common knowledge that without exercise you can achieve results. It is due to the simple fact that exercise burns calories and builds muscle, which in turn raises the metabolism and burns new calories.
Here the role of green tea is as an antioxidant that stimulates fatty acids in the liver and the muscle cells. Thus, reduces the degree of use of carbohydrates and increases endurance in exercise. A study done on rats showed that green tea among them, increased endurance by 24%.

  2. Replace coffee with green tea. An interesting fact is that if you stop drinking coffee and soft drinks with caffeine and consume green tea, you will not lose the effect of caffeine. Green tea has enough caffeine to replace coffee, and not a single calorie! In addition, green tea increases the chances you have to burn more calories and be healthier.

  3. Green tea helps with food cravings. Later on, I will add an extensive article on the subject of food craving. In short, a recent study showed that food cravings are reduced by a whopping 60% in those who regularly drink green tea.

  4. Green tea speeds up the metabolism. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which together with caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and causes fat to be released into the bloodstream for the body to use it as fuel. This process is called thermogenesis, and is great for raising the metabolism. With thermogenesis, fat energy is released as heat, which is why you should drink green tea in the winter.

  5. Green tea burs fat. The capacity of green tea to stimulate the metabolism is causing calories to spend a lot quicker. When the body runs out of carbohydrates, use fat as fuel. This is exactly what you need to melt away those few extra pounds!

  Today you can find various diets based on green tea. If you are wondering why green tea is used in them, here you have the answer. But I am warning you: if you are overweight and you are planning to start drinking green tea from tomorrow, and not change anything else in the diet and physical activity, none of these effects will manifest. So, combine a healthy diet with lots of activity and green tea!

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    Weight Loss
    Heart Disease
    Esophageal Cancer
    Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
    Tooth Decay
    Blood Pressure
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