Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Simple and Healthy Late Night Eats

Wheatear you are watching your diet or not, surely you have experienced late night cravings. Consuming food or liquids before you go to sleep is definitely a reason for trouble during the night, and by all means – adds on the calorie intake. Try to avoid eating late at night! If you must eat - here are few simple, healthy ideas.

Oatmeal – in my ears, oats never sound appealing, but after my belly is feeling full and calm, I thank them. Especially when working late at night, a bowl of oatmeal with milk is fast, healthy and satisfying. You can also use the serotonin in the oats to improve your mood.

Low calorie cheese – cheese has lots of magnesium which has a calming effect. Grab a few crackers and some low cal cheese to chase away cravings.

Nuts – also another excellent source of magnesium. A handful of walnuts, almonds or unsalted peanuts will work just fine.

Cherry juice or fresh cherries – they have what we need for a better sleep, melatonin. This hormone is mostly responsible about the quality of the sleep, and stimulating it with some cherry juice will do a lot for calming down your cravings and going to sleep.

Glass of milk – the oldest recipe in the world. Is it a myth, or just a scientific fact? Milk has the amino acid tryptophan which improves the sleep. Also, it is good to fill up the belly with some liquid to kill of cravings

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