Friday, July 5, 2013

Super- Food: Himalayan Goji Berry

When we hear the word “Himalayan” we get tons of associations related to pure and clean mountain goodness, and it is no surprise that a super- food is found there. One the most nutritional fruits the Nature has produced, is found right there in the Himalayas. And yes, we are talking about Goji berries.

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Goji berry or sometimes found as wolfberry is a staple in raw food diets, and in many other healthy eating diets. There is a simple reason for that - they are very, but very good for you. Their rich nutrients make them irreplaceable in healthy living, and the fact they are berries, makes them easy to consume, especially raw. They look like bright red raisins, but taste a bit tardy, and somewhat sweet and sour.

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What makes Gojiberries so unique?

1.    Protein: Like no other fruit on earth they contain lots of protein. Also they contain all essential amino acids, which no other fruit or berry has.
2.    Beta – caroten: 15 times more caretenois more that in carrot, as well as zeaxanthin, both of which nave a key role in protecting the retina of the eye by absorbing blue light and acting as antioxidants.
3.    Anti- inflammatory: Goji Berries are rich in natural anti- inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti- fungal compounds. This makes the Goji a perfect addition in your diet, keeping you save from infections and allergies.
4.    Immune system boost: These berries are packed with polysaccharides which boost the immune system, giving you increased strength and longevity.
5.    Beatifying: With the combination of 6 essential vitamins, the amino- acids and the enormous amount of antioxidants, Goji Berry is the best natural beautifier, giving you better skin, hair and nails.

Take notice, that you should not take these berries if you are using blood thinner medications, as well as medication for diabetes and blood pressure. They can interact with these drugs, when not consumed in consultation with a doctor.  

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